Die (boere voortrekker) moeder uitgebeeld: n portret - Olympus E-PM1 - Voortrekker Monument

Andries Pretorius : gedenkbeeld : Voortrekker Monument Pretoria -http://af.wikipedia.org/wiki/Andries_Pretorius : Olympus E-PM1 #photomater2 #littlephoto #vscocam

Voortrekker monument -Pretoria : Olympus E-PM1 #photomater2 #littlephoto #vscocam

Nelson R. Mandela (New statue) Union Buildings Pretoria South Africa #olympusepm1 #hdr #microfourthirds #blackandwhite #vscocam


Danny Lyon—Magnum

The World Is Not My Home: Photographs by Danny Lyon

September 29-January 27, de Young Museum

This exhibition of more than 60 photographs and photographic montages from 1962 to the present traces the fascinating and wide-ranging career of Danny Lyon.  A leading and explosive figure in the American street photography movement of the 1960s, Lyon distinguished himself from his peers through his direct engagement with his subjects and his concern for those on the margins of society.

His goal, he says, was “to destroy Life magazine” by presenting powerful alternatives to the bland pictures and stories that permeated American mass media in the late 1950s, when he came of age. In the process, he created numerous photographs of striking psychological, political, and aesthetic power.

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